One of the most important and powerful experiences is starting a new habit. Initially exciting, the newness wears off quickly and is replaced by dogged determination. Then I feel like there is always a moment or two (or ten) of dread. The “why did I start this?!” thoughts that make you hate what you started. But if you’ve been tracking your habit, you can visually see the progress, and it kinda gets exciting again.  
I wanted to track my habits in a very visual way that shows the development of one particular habit. In an effort to keep myself accountable and not be afraid of starting again after missing a few days, I made this yearly tracker. It’s a way that I see progress even if it isn’t perfect. 
I’d love for you to join me on this habit journey. It could be a new habit or an old one that you’d like to track, and there is no pressure to be perfect. Streaks are fun, and they may motivate you to keep a streak, but this is all about coming back to our commitment of our habit and starting back up even when we miss a day or two or ten. 

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Atomic Habits

One of the most important things I’ve learned while starting new habits, is how to make a new habit stick. I recommend the Atomic Habits book for an easy read about different ways to start new habits.

Its’ also encouraging about how small habits can help you reach goals that you’d never accomplish if you didn’t work on them in small steps over a long time. 

This book has practical advice about incorporating a new habit into your current lifestyle. 


Pictures of the front of the Atomic Habits book.