November 2, 2021

Well, I’m sure many of you know, but perhaps not all, that we are hoping to adopt. There is no news to report to you other than we are waiting to be matched with a birthmother. We are hopeful, and praying that the day will come soon. Preparations are done with our home study ready, our hearts humbled by generous financial donations, and many prayers. We hope to have more news for you very soon.

We are getting a new dryer for the house, so I’m going to shamelessly plug my new Gift Shop to help pay for the extra cost. New items will be added very soon!

I am studying more art and surface pattern design, and I’m so excited to share more of these adventures as they develop. I started making patterns several years ago, but lately I’ve been more diligent at exploring different historical styles improving my drawing skills. You can find my designs on Spoonflower (a fabric and wallpaper store).