A list of books that I have read, that I would recommend to anyboday! Hope you enjoy the list, and let me know if you read any of them.

This is a live blog page of sorts, and I’ll be adding items to the top of the page whevener I make an update. 

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Tile Style Pattern Guide

The colors and motifs in this book were so inspiring and I loved the research that went into the descriptions and information about tile styles. I’d recomend this book for any artist, interior designer, or home builder. This book is avilable on Amazon as a hardcover book, but I was able to find it at my library.

Blackthorn Winter

I really enjoyed this book right from the start. It was quick to listen to, and it kept my attention. It is a great book for boys, but good for anybody to read. Listed as middle school aged. It’s the first book of the Maritime Series by Douglas Wilson. Available as a paperback or audio on Amazon or audtio with a Canon+ subscription.

Out of the Silent Plant

This is the first book of the trilogy by C.S. Lewis, and while I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, there are some amazing story telling, graphic landscapes, and interesting perspectives that I really enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. It’s available as a paperback and audio book on Amazon.

Forbidden Child

I loved this book! It was a thriller and had my hands sweating nearly the entire read. It was hard to put down and turned into a quick read because I just couldn’t stop. Gwen Newell’s first novel is an amazing adventure and  dystopian read that is all about love. Available as a paperback on Amazon or audio book with a Canon+ subscription.